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Cleansing of illegal businesses explained

GOVERNOR of Northern Province in Papua New Guinea, Gary Juffa has insisted that the actions of his government against certain foreign run businesses do not target a specific ethnic group but all foreign run illegal businesses.

School results

Dear Editor – Many of us who waited for hours yesterday to get the form 1 results on the Island Sun newspaper were left high and dry.

Militant police officers

Dear Editor – In July 2003, the national parliament passed the Facilitation of International Act 2003.

PM rewards players

Dear Editor – The following observation is made in respect to the above as per Star Issue No 6076, dated 12/01/16.

Thank you unsung heroes

Dear Editor - Monday evening, I went to our national domestic port to wait for my wantoks. While waiting I noticed a vehicle driving recklessly through the not so crowded domestic port road, thank heavens not a lot of people were there.

Relocation of the Central Market

Dear Editor - HONIARA City Council should now seriously consider relocating Honiara’s central market to another location.

Demanding & compensation, a curse

Those who demand and Receive Compensation bring upon themselves a curse.

MPs distributing goods to people

Dear Editor – During the Christmas break, I was in my village and it was very interesting and funny to see people going crazy about the goods delivered by a Member of Parliament.

Awarding of contracts needs reviewing

Dear Editor – Thank you for allowing me space to express my concern regarding the awarding of contracts by the Ministry of Aviation.

Are we moving or not?

Dear Editor – The years are climbing slowly but firmly. We only realize the years are slipping away when the other ends. I am saying this because our beautiful Solomon Islands is still facing the same problems we faced many years back.