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Let’s face the reality

Speech presented in parliament by the Opposition leader on the Penal Code (Amendment)(Sexual Offences) Bill 2016

Yow’s Apologists

Dear Editor – The ghost of Colin Yow refuses to go away, at least for now.

Premier insensitive

Dear Editor – We refer to the Solomon Star issue in which Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke made comments in relation to the recent brawl in the Windy Ridge area.

You crucified himself

Dear Editor – One Henry J Star Dora wrote under the heading, “they conspired and crucified Yow” in a letter which appeared in the Tuesday issue of your newspaper.

Nothing to laugh about

Dear Editor – I would appreciate the opportunity to respond to the piece published in the Tuesday edition of the Star by M.R Junior.

Let’s keep pushing for the Anti-Corruption Bill

SO the much anticipated Anti-Corruption Bill has been deferred.

Visale marks St. Joseph of Workers day

The Parish of Visale in West Guadalcanal joins Catholic’s worldwide on celebrating the Saint Joseph Workers day.

Tanasali marks church day

Tanasali community on West Guadalcanal over the weekend marked an important day of the Catholic Church calendar.

Tribute to David Friend 1940-2015

Dear Editor - David Friend was born in Hampshire in 1940.   He obtained a BSc (Agric)  from Reading University and  a DTA from the University of the  West Indies.    He was appointed as  tree crops  agronomist to the British Solomon Island Protectorate during 1964 and was posted  to Dala Research Station on Malaita.

SIPA’s sponsorship

Dear Editor - Sad to hear that Collin Yow is being given the marching order to leave.