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Great effort

Dear Editor – Good work to the team who took on the system and won in the tax free for politicians.

Can the court decide on the SIPA saga?

THERE appears to be no sign that the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) controversy is going to be resolved any time soon.

Ports workers praise new digital system

THE Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) workers are now using a digital entry system to enter data, thanks to the SIPA reforms.

Earning an income

Dear Editor – I was struck by the simple story, published in your last issue of the Sunday Star, of the determination and self-enterprise which has resulted in Winnifred Nanau, originally from Malaita, earning a living and income for her family by selling used clothing from her rented hut in Honiara.

Human rights and journalism

Dear Editor – A three-day Human Rights and Media Forum, supported by the Australian Government and the European Union, ended in Nadi, Fiji, last Friday.

Thank you Sir Albert!

Dear Editor – Grateful if you could include my observations in your editorial column. Last Tuesday(20/04/16) was a historic day in the record of this country.

ACOM AB elections, a mockery

Dear Editor - Please allow me to share some food for thought and views and opinions about the recent election of the ACOM Archbishop.

Youth Market to be held this week

Honiara, Solomon Islands–[email protected]’s popular Youth Market will be happening from 9am-5pm Wednesday- Friday this week at the SMI Grounds opposite the new Sol plaza, Town Ground.

South Guadalcanal underdevelopment

Dear Editor - My recent trip to South Guadalcanal two weeks ago was simply exuberant. After years of being abroad, this short trip was a much needed one to reorient and immerse myself with the cultural norms and values, and to experience what it means to be truly ‘home.’

Our Telekom Kakamora inter-secondary carnival successful

The Our Telekom sponsored athletics carnival for secondary schools in Makira has ended successfully last week.