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Telekom opens new Fone Shop

SOLOMON Telekom last Friday opened its newest Fone Shop in central Honiara.

Woman remanded on false pretence charges

A WOMAN has been remanded in custody last Friday for allegedly obtaining more than $10,000 through false pretense.

Provincial vendors flood Honiara market

VENDORS from the provinces are flooding the central market in Honiara to sell their products.

Corrupted trade routes in the Pacific

SOLOMON Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Samoa top global trade estimates for illicit financial flows

Eagon boss here today

THE founder, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Eagon Group of companies will be arriving in the country today as part of his annual visit here.

Conkarah impressed at his Pacific popularity

A JAMAICAN reggae star says he's impressed with how popular reggae is in the Pacific Islands.

Legal minimum wage is now under review

PERMANENT Secretary (PS) Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration George Kosui says setting a new legal minimum wage for the country remains a priority for his ministry.

Democratic Rights Fund

Dear Editor – The US based DRF supports Disabled Persons Organizations in the developing world to take the lead in advocating for the human rights of persons with disabilities at local and national levels, utilizing the mechanism of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Let’s fight for a peaceful Solomons

LAW-ABIDING residents of Taba’a settlement in central Honiara have shown the way forward to tackling the illegal home-brew drink kwaso.

$300, 000 on offer

Dear Editor – Let me comment on the senior MP ministers who have refused to accept the $300, 000 bribe price on offer for MPs to re-force their 01.

The DCCG members that switch side to join the opposition in a bid to unseat PM Manasseh Sogavare led DCCG government must be commend for standing their ground solid.

Get behind me with that basket, go away. I will stay with my 01, DCCG until the house dies its natural death. Mifala olo nao, no fitim high jump, long jump and crossem floor olowe. Good on you ministers.

Our alternate government, the Opposition have some good candidates for the PM’s post on their side. The only trouble is who of them will be their chosen one? No good bae oloketa rao seleva moa me, me and so on.

Let’s hope it does not go that far or we reverse and start all over again should they take over power.

A happy New Year 2016 to us all.

Have a nice day!

Andrew Maomaiasi