Editor - Solomon Star News


HRM Excellence Award

Dear Editor – While it is such an excellent idea to award Public Service HRM for excellent performance, the criteria of this selection process still remain indistinct, which raises serious questions of the integrity of the award.

RSIPF is for the brave

Dear Editor – On Sunday morning I received a call from Auki that four men were bashing up a lone man with a baseball bat in front of the Auki Police station.

What’s up with the police?

Dear Editor - Six weeks ago my car was stolen from underneath my house; we found it next day, abandoned and badly damaged. Everything inside the car was stolen.

Koviloko solar power needs

Dear Editor – Since I wrote my letter to your newspaper last week in which I outlined the solar power needs of the Koviloko community in Isabel Province, I have received further news from the community on their desperate plight for solar lighting.

NRH deserves closer attention

THE National Referral Hospital (NRH) is yet to get the attention it deserves from the national government.

Response to Mataniko development

Dear Editor – In response to Mahe Junior I wish to correct Junior Mahe’s assertion that seem to suggest that I should only develop my property (Mataniko) at a time he thinks appropriate and that my project should not go ahead until the Japanese funded road project is completed.

Timber control measures adopted

Dear Editor - Last week saw several initiatives affecting the timber industry in the Solomon Islands and measures to effectively curtail alleged illegal activities in line with the DCCG’s broader anti-corruption policy agenda.

The Lengo traditional dances

Dear Editor - It is apparent that there are no more traditional dances survived with my Lengo people. You can hardly see them performed in our national celebrations and in other important events that took place in or around our communities.

Skyline promises

Dear Editor - The so called Skyline Investment Group is nothing more than a 'fund raising' effort to raise funds in mainland China.

Pot holes

Dear Editor - Firstly, Gary ought to be praised in highlighting pot holes around Tongs building which finally led to repair.