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Statement from Opposition

Dear Editor - I must give credit to the Parliamentary Opposition Group for their statement on the current scholarship scheme as reported in your paper on 12 March 2016.  It was a rational statement on a difficult and sensitive subject which I thought they handled well.

Survey by NPF, UNDP

Dear Editor - The SIBC news of 15/3/2016 on a joint survey by NPF & UNDP to include farmers, fishermen & agriculture laborers in the superannuation scheme (NPF) is a good idea for ordinary Solomon Islanders in rural areas.

However, if the survey is positive I would like to suggest that the National Government to set  up a separate superannuation scheme institution for farmers, fishermen and agriculture laborers and NOT the NPF.

I have two reasons for the above suggestions:-

1.       NPF should not monopolize superannuation savings for income earners in the country.

2.       Farmers, fishermen and agricultural laborers are mostly self employed indigenous income earners  and their interest is very much different from employees in the government and private sectors.

Experience has shown that NPF is mostly funding National Government and financial institutions in the country and seemed that it has no policy to support and invest in agriculture, fisheries and small business enterprises operated by indigenous entrepreneurs in the country.

Therefore a separate superannuation savings institution is best for farmers, fishermen agricultural laborers and other self employed income earners in the country. 

Clementt Kengava
(former MP)
Taro, Choiseul


Attaining scholarship&overseas job

Dear Editor - I contributed an article recently in which I praised the outstanding academic achievements of 31 year old Tammy Tambe from Wagina in South Choiseul who had recently received her PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Bergen in Norway.

Call for change in Isabel

Dear Editor - I would be very glad if you could publish this article in your paper with regards to the above topic;

What Solomon Islands needs to Develop?

I usually remain inconclusive on a question – Is the Solomon Islands a rich country or a poor country? I can say, it’s rich, but it’s poor too, or, the Solomon Islands is as a rich country of deprived people.  Let me explain, why?

Not yet started govt

Dear Editor - I would like to highlight to the Central bank and those responsible in the government that the economic climate for doing business is getting tighter and there appears to be obvious  and alarming decline in our economy.

Is it true?

Dear Editor - The delays at SIPA are causing produce exporters additional costs in having their goods re-certified for export and on occasions they have to go through the quarantine process again because there is a maximum time the containers can stay on the port before being loaded on the ship.

Solomon Warriors

Dear Editor - I hope the coach and management of Solomon warriors FC have something to learn following their last two loses in a row in order to be competitive in the upcoming OFC champions league. It won’t be an easy ride for us being in the pool of death. It must begin now or never.

Pioneers of SIBS/SIBC

Dear Editor - Could you put this in your paper! I must thank Mr Clement Kengava on his letter of lamentation about the above subject. It is true that any organization must have its beginning somewhere, somehow. Broadcasting is an important aspect of development in the world today and Solomon islands is no exception.

Seasonal worker scheme

Dear Editor – With reference to a letter to editor by John Manunue of Kirakira regarding Seasonal worker scheme in your Friday 11 March 2016 issue.