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  • 24
  • Apr

THE Parliamentary Entitlements Commission (PEC) is at it again.

  • 22
  • Apr

PARLIAMENT on Wednesday passed the Fisheries Management Bill in its second reading.

  • 17
  • Apr

THE legalise enrichment of our Members of Parliament continues to go unabated.

  • 15
  • Apr

THE Honiara City Council has indefinitely closed down the central market for repair.

  • 09
  • Apr

THE Honiara City Council recently inspected a line of buildings at Point Cruz with the view of pulling them down and replacing them with new facilities.

  • 08
  • Apr

A PHOTO of a fully-formed dead baby was posted on social media yesterday.

  • 26
  • Feb

MALAITA provincial executive met the new government for the second time this week.

  • 13
  • Jan

THE opposition leader Jeremiah Manele has said the right thing yesterday that a motion of no confidence in the DCC government would be too early.

  • 31
  • Dec

WE’VE come to the end of another year.

  • 09
  • Dec

MANASSEH Sogavare will lead the country again for the next four years.

  • 21
  • Sep

THANKS again to Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI).

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