TIA DROPS, KUZZENS our reps for WSB - Solomon Star News


31 March 2016

SOLOMON Islands will be represented at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB) by two dance crews, and not one as previously announced, thanks to the WSB organizers.

This was revealed to the Solomon Star by Simon Chottu, the Director of Hailie’s entertainment one of the hosts of the recent Battlegrounds Solomon Islands (BGSI).

Both crews were selected from the BGSI tournament, the winner KUZZENS and the first runner-up TIA DROPS.

“The latest change of participating teams to this year’s WSB is because of the standard of dance showcased by those that participated in the BGSI.

“The judges were impressed with the routine shown by the dance groups as a result, another dance crew was included. Thus, TIA DROPS is being selected also,” Mr Chottu said.

He said, not only the judges were impressed, the organizers of the WSB too feel that Solomon Islands can compete at such world stage, given that our style of dancing is that of the world standard.

Meanwhile, an official announcement from the World Supremacy Battlegrounds this week, has also confirmed the participation of the two dance groups.

“Congratulations to battlegrounds Solomon Islands dance crews: Champion: KUZZENS and runner Up: TIA_DROPS.

“These two crews will be the official representatives of Solomon Islands at the WORLD SUPREMACY BATTLEGROUNDS International Championship on September 9-11 Sydney, Australia.

“CONGRATULATIONS to all the Solomon Islands dance crews that were a part of the inaugural Battlegrounds launch. More power to all of you and see you all very soon,” the announcement confirmed.

Meanwhile, Mr Chottu wished to give credit to those that have believed in the dance movement in the country for its revival and for hosting a number of competitions frequently.

“The road for Solomon Islands to be part of the WSB is being paved through the past dance competitions that were hosted since last year, and the previous years.

“So, most of the credit must go to the other organizers too,” he added.