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Youth Market to be held this week

25 April 2016

Honiara, Solomon Islands–[email protected]’s popular Youth Market will be happening from 9am-5pm Wednesday- Friday this week at the SMI Grounds opposite the new Sol plaza, Town Ground.

At the Youth Market young people who own small scale enterprises are given stalls where they can display and sell their products and services to the general public. Their products and services range from locally cooked food to hand-made creative arts and crafts which aim to offer customers a variety of choice.

Lovelyn Homer and Mary Tagini are Youth Market veterans, having been stall holders at three of the previous Youth Markets. They met while Lovelyn had a stall braiding hair while Mary was selling popcorn. They have now decided to work together on a stall. Lovelyn is a hairdresser who has run her own mobile business for three years, while Mary runs a canteen as well as selling at other markets.

In the future they say, “We’d like to do a BBQ. We try to do things where you can make money, if you work at it.”

For Miranda Huanimaha it is her first Youth Market. Last year she graduated from the Fiji School of Medicine. While trying to find work, Miranda has started to sell her sewing and tie-dyed products.

“I know (the Youth Market) will help me sell my products. I will sell my own designs. If this one works out, I will do it again.”

“I sell at home. People know me and come to me for sewing and give me some material. I put a tent at the front of my house to sell in the day time during the week.”

While Miranda is starting small, she has big dreams. She says, “I’ve bought an overlocker and one industrial sewing machine from Fiji already. I think I can make a business which can help with all the small ones at the house, who don’t have anything to do. I would like to help train my family members to run my own small business for all of us to benefit. I can employ my family to do sewing. I will pay them fortnightly or weekly. I’ve planned it out. I will make their targets every week. I’m thinking big to start my own business with support from the [email protected] YEP programme.”

This Market is placing a greater focus on young entrepreneurs, showcasing their work and talent. It isgiving market stall holders greater exposure to Honiara consumers.

Along with good food and a great lunch spot, there will be light entertainment with young talented artists performing their latest releases.  Also on offer is a large range of youth handicrafts, clothing and innovative products for sale. Come and enjoy!

[email protected] is facilitated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, in partnership and supported by funding from the Queens Young Leaders Programme (UK), the Australian Government Aid Programme, the Pacific Leadership Programme and Plan International.  Implementation is done in partnership with the Solomon Islands Ministry of National Unity, Peace and Reconciliation, the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs. [email protected] is an initiative to tackle youth unemployment in Solomon Islands and to help youth of the Solomons find pathways to employment and entrepreneurship.