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Sikaiana Leo Tapu Contest: $ 13,000 at stake!

28 November 2013

TEN quartet gospel singing groups have confirmed they are in for the first ever “Sikaiana Leo Tapu Contest” to be held tomorrow evening at the Sikaiana Settlement at Red Beach.  

They will all be singing for the $13,000 worth of prizes to be awarded as follows: 1st Prize $3,000, 2nd Prize $2,500, 3rd Prize $2,500, 4thPrize $2,000, 4th Prize $1,500 and 5th Prize $1,000.  

There will also be consolation prizes.

As quartets, each group will feature four persons who will sing three hymns in four parts - soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  

The three hymns are:  Take my life; may what I do, Oh Jesus; I have promised, and Jesus Te Ola.   

A panel of four judges (2 men and 2 women), including Deacon Eric Tevaiola and former choir master Henry Teloto, will take on the difficult task of deciding the winner, runner-up etc.  

Musicianship, stage presentation, uniforms and style are some of the things the panel of judges will take into account in their score sheets.           

The Leo Tapu (Holy Voices) Contest coincides with St. Andrew’s Day, the Patron Saint of the Church at Red Beach – St. Andrew’s Church, which is celebrated on 30 November every year.  

On that day (Saturday) a mass service will be held at the St. Andrew’s Church at Red Beach, followed by a big Sikaiana-style feast and sports.  

Winners of the contest will be announced after the church service.

Singing is something that brings great joy to many people.

It is a wonderful outlet for creative expression and emotional release.   And surely the best better way to start the St. Andrew’s Day celebration with a bang!


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