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Hip-hop Rhyme quest soon

15 November 2013

HAILIES Entertainment studio will be hosting a hip-hop rhyme quest for the first time to Hip-hop lover in Honiara.

This will be staged at the National Art gallery on Thursday 28th of this month.

Hip-hop rhyme quest competition is somewhat new in the country as hip-hop artists were only allowed to sing their rhyme -a verse of their song other than the whole song.  

The White River based youth group said they want to engage youths from involving in anti social activities.

Speaking to Solomon Star yesterday, Director of Hailies entertainment, Mr Simon Chottu said that White River is one of the well known places in town for anti-social behaviours where his group is trying to address.

“We are all from White River, one of the places in town well known for anti-social activities and we believe that what we are trying to do will somehow contributed to addressing youths anti-social behaviours.

“The hip-hop rhyme quest competition will coincide with the youth market week. So we are so happy to host the event for the first time”.

He said that they also want to venture into the hip-hop music.
“We want to venture into this type of music seeing that lots of youths in the country gaining favour of it.”

He encourages youths to believe in them.
“We youths must believe in ourselves, that we can do it, we are the leaders.”

Registration for artist is free of charge, and can be done upstairs of the H.M Long building next to China town bus stop with great prices to be won.