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PM visits St. James Anglican Church

12 November 2013

PRIME Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has highlighted the need for connectivity between the Church and the state.

Speaking during his visit to the St. James Anglican Church at Burnscreek on Sunday, the Prime Minister said his weekly church visits in and around the capital is the path towards that connectivity.

“The Church and the state need to work together in partnership to ensure there is tangible development within the society,” he said.

Mr Lilo added that in order to transform a society into one which is strong and crime free, it is important that there is cooperation among the community.

Prime Minister Lilo has received a warm welcome by the Burnscreek community that came out in numbers to share with him.
The Prime Minister also encouraged chiefs and elders of that community to continuously care and mentor their children with good values and principles in order to build a strong and better society.

“Not only that but chiefs and elders need to also reach out to other leaders of nearby communities and work together with them to build a stronger society,” he said.

Mr Lilo also pledged $20, 000 to that particular community and said he would continue to work together and support the development of St. James Church.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of the church Desmond Kaeni thanked the Prime Minister for his attendance despite his busy schedules.

“We would like to thank you for your humbleness and humility in accepting and sparing your time to visit us today despite your many commitments, and for seeing it fit to include Saint James Burnscreek into your visit programme for this year,” he said.

The Prime Minister then applauded the chiefs and elders of St. James Anglican Church for holding their community together.