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Max-A-Million, Sara Beer swing fans to the max

31 October 2016

TOURING Jamaican entertainer Max-A-Million brought excitement to his fans in Honiara, when he performed at the Sara Beer’s First Anniversary at the Cowboy’s Bar and Grill, last Friday night.

 For most of the concert goers, this is the biggest act to happen at the venue this year following a similar blow from the Sentinel Sound of Germany few months ago.

With his unique stage performance, the entertainer set the venue lively enough much to the taste of his fans who beautified the venue.

Two of his hit songs ‘Sexual Healing’ and ‘Fat Boy’, plus some of his other songs were the cracker of the night.

According to the Rebelle Inc (organizer), it was an awesome night of Entertainment.

Local artists, Rosie Delmah and JahBoy were the opening acts of the night before Max-A-Million took the night away to the max with his performance.

The Rebelle Inc management however lauds the support of Sara Beer, Cowboys Bar, King Solomon Hotel, Paoa FM, Barava FM, and Unified Voice & ZFM.

“Tonight, Max-A-Million has taken us to the max.

“His music and singing was just the right feels for the night and I loved it,” one female fan commented.