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Concert to revive live music production

11 November 2013

A band contest that aims to revive the traditional style of music through live performance and playing of instruments was staged yesterday.

The concert took place at the Bodo showground, near Mataniko bridge, Chinatown yesterday afternoon.

Crown Sounds Entertainment studios which organised the concert said the whole aim of the music performance is to revive the traditional music scene- live band performance to encourage youths not to depend much on software production.

The contest consists of five categories but later reduce to only three namely reggae, Island music and heavy metal.
Yesterday’s elimination round included 12 bands.

Speaking in an interview with one of the organisers of the event, Ms Lynette Adomea said that youths today depends much on software to produce music.

“Youths today seems to be depending much on softwares for music production. We have lots of talented young people and it’s good to have them showcase their talents in live performance like this.”

She encourages young people to put their musical talent through live performance rather than depending on technological advances.

“Technological advances in the musical arena have taken our young talented musician to a point of laziness. We should be encouraged by our old bands to uphold and maintained the talents we had.

“This generation is simply lazy, and we must discourage depending much on software usage.”

She said that the Crown Sounds studio is proposing to have this event to be held annually.

“We are proposing to make this an annual event”.

Ms Lynette commended Sol Cool Limited for sponsoring the event.

The final round of the contest will be held next weekend, at the same venue.

A good number of crowd turned up to enjoy the afternoon with music.