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Dance crews to the final round

21 March 2017

After their daring moves and acrobatics skills displayed on stage on Sunday, 13 dance crews out of the 20 crews have booked their names to be in the final round of the Solomon Islands Battlegrounds 2017.

Those 13 crews are: Penguins, Villains, Star Scream, ThreeOneEight318, Hazzard, Nice Age, Mid-West, Lunaticz, Milk Shake, Kuzzens, Wild Card, Brotherhood and Puppetz.

Organizer Simon Chottu of Hailie’s Entertainment congratulated the crews for their best effort in the show on Sunday at Art Gallery.

“On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to congratulate the dancers who qualified for the national final round.

“Also to those dancers who didn’t make it, this is not the end, you have potential talent and just need some more training and exposure to succeed in any future dance competition,” Mr Chottu said.

The final round will be on 2nd of April.

The inclusion of Auki-based dancing crew in this year’s competition saw the increasing influence of the competition in the provincial level.

There are 20 dance crews, 36 one-on-one bboy, and 18 krumpers- in total 280 young talented dancers.

Mr Chottu said during the final round they will bring judges from the World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB).

The winner of the competition will represent Solomon Islands at WSB in Sydney later this year.

WSB is the biggest and most prestigious international street dance competition in the Southern Hemisphere where the best of the best dancers from around the world meet to showcase their skills, creativity, talent and artistry of street dancing.

The driving force behind WSB is its ability to cross boundaries and foster relationships between different cultures.

Participation and involvement builds community, creates opportunities, shapes new friendships, develop self-esteem and encourages individuals to harness their talents.

Mr Chottu said that the winning crew will be accompanied by winners of the one-on-one bboy and krump dance.

The Battlegrounds organizers commend the sponsors: Solomon Host, Frangipani Ice, Print Wise, Chottu____s Coconut Products for their support in making the competition successful.