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Group promotes peace through music

31 October 2013

A group of young people promoted peace through their music concert over the weekend.

The gospel singing ministry group of the Kukum SDA church known as Miracle Singers held a live and entertaining concert, Sunday night at the Multi-purpose hall.

The group is not new in the local gospel music scene, they have held several performances throughout the past years and have displayed a professional performance with melodious vibes throughout the evening that can be compared to the international gospel bands like 'Heritage Singers'.

The night began with a prayer and an elaboration of the concert's theme by a speaker which is 'Peace and Unity Through The Power of Music'.

Reminding the audience that amidst the turmoil of this world true peace can be found only in the Lord, the world can only provide temporary peace.

Reflecting on the crisis erupting internationally and the differences that ignite disputes also in the country.
The stage is then brought to life with the youths enactment of the convertion of the once local pagan society before Christianity and civilisation.

To support the performance old footages were projected on stage revealing the local uncivilised warriors and community, preceded with the first European contact followed by the instalment of colonial government.

The spread of Christianity in those early times led to the locals gaining wisdom and knowledge to lead the country thus follows the independence.

The string of events were artistically displayed by the youths before the feature presentation. Miracle singers performed 7 songs although there was a twenty minutes black out to the spectator's dismay, the audience were already too moved by the raw talents of these young singers to complain.

The night concluded with the final three songs after the short black out much to everyone's delight.

For those attending the concert it was a great way to start the week, reflecting on the theme it seems a touch of gospel music does heal the soul and provide a certain stillness and peace.

Miracle Singers are consist of Lionel Teava, Kerrie Jionisi, Joy Iro, Julian Tahani, Kim Teobasi,  George Monisi, Tahani Jr and Jenaine Teobasi.

While some of the members are studying abroad others are also juggling studies, work and having time to rehearse to make this group the gospel sensation it has become.

By Georgianna Lepping