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From sport to music Blanc O shares his story

23 September 2013

Blanco, known for his artistic name as ‘BLANC O’, has been dreaming to become someone popular in the music industry.

In fact that was his childhood dream.

He finally achieved that after launching his first solo EP album last night at the Monarch and Grill.

At 23 years of age, Blanc O’s dream to achieve more lies inside his heart, he told the Sunday Star.

David Blanco Tuhaiki, his birth name, has Bellona and Isabel parentage.

Since started getting involved in music in early 2006, he has been collaborating alongside many other famous musicians locally and regionally.

They include popular artist like Jah Boy, which he featured alongside until he went solo.

Likewise Blanc O is now, on the same path striving through with his first solo single called ‘Promise’ together with some of his oldies brought to life, launched last night.

The duo had collaborated with regional artists such as Fortify, ATP, Vince Harder and even international rapper and Kiwi bred, Scribe.

One of Blanc O’s outputs during these collaborations made local airwaves with a rare exclusion of Jah Boy is a song called ‘Champion’.

Apart from music, Blanc O’s teenage interest includes dancing which made him renowned with the hip-hop dance crew, Tear Drops.

He told Sunday Star his decision to go into music was a childhood dream.

“It was a hard decision though having a lot of influence from a variety of social factors, however I did manage to pick only one.”

He got his artistic name ‘BLANC O’, which he said is a rephrase of his usual name meaning clean heart.

He then explained how he got that artistic name after learning its meaning of Italian language from a friend.

“I met a friend from Italy and he asked me, what is your name? I told him Blanco, he then replied, in Italy, Blanco means colour white or clean.

“Having that in mind and how I was brought up in a not so stable family, only to face the challenges with my own strength and faith that gets me through; I thought it’s fitting for me,” he said.

“That’s how I got my artistic name.”

He chose to go solo for his renowned throaty reggae style that could mistakenly be of his former stage partner.

He thought it is best to express himself through song writing and singing.

“I feel that I can make songs myself and move solo which will be good for me,” he said.

Blanc O said he would like to maintain a style of play that is unique to the islands but a blend in of commercial reggae and dancehall.

But how did such a young artist manage to get through all the challenges to reach this far?

As a national sports figure from childhood, music has been his second favourite and was yet to discover his potential fully then.

“At the age of 12, I played sports, particularly tennis which took me to participate in regional tournaments.

“But I never thought of a career in sports rather have an interest in music instead,” he said.

Blanc O said it all started with giggles with much interest drawn from the reggae legend Bob Marley.

“He was my world icon since then,” he said, referring to Bob Marley as “Uncle Bob”.

He did his first studio recording in early 2006 when he was 16 years of age.

“Just after the Solomon Games in Makira that year, I joined a group called Juvenile Squad; that is when I did my voice recording in a proper studio,” he said.

“It was a nerve wrecking experience but as time goes along I started to get use to it making it more enjoyable in expressing your thoughts through songs.”

He said there are challenges and obstacles along the journey which made him like giving up at time, but families and close friends encouraged him to stay focus.

Moreover it is the positive mind I have that drives me on, he said.

“I am not a church goer myself but my heart tells me that by faith I can stand all odds, which was my only prayer.

“And to believe in what I do as it is a gifted talent to me,” said the young artist. 

“This same message I would like to put across to those youths aspiring to be musicians and those facing similar struggles like me.

“If you have a talent, believe you can do it; make it a reality and work towards it.

“There is nothing more easy than facing the challenges that lies ahead, only then you will achieve what you wanted.

“To my fans, one love and watch out people, more is in stock in my upcoming debut album to be released sometimes towards the end of this year or early next year, so stay tune. ”

Along with the single audio track, an official video clip of the track is also released.

Behind the scenes of Blanc O’s significant milestone achievement, are people which he particularly would like to thank.

Rebellinc, a music label contracted with Jah Boy for the audio recordings.

And the Honeymoon Records, producers influenced from urban White River, west of the city dubbed the Mud Dub Krew for the video clip recordings.

“I’d like to thank Maui, Duane and the Mad Dub Krew for their advices, on basically how to do it. Thanks for the video too.”

Mad Dub Krew leader, Big Maui Waui said the crew will hopefully launch Blanc O’s debut album by the end of this year or early next year.

Covering addition bonus tracks taken from recordings Blanc O did during his Australia tour last year with Jah Boy.

He briefly informed the EP Album includes “maybe five or six songs” probably a surprise prepared to keep fans counting on for the main debut album that is coming soon.

By Bradford Theonomi