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Niuleni music ministry launches another album

28 August 2013

NIULENI Community Music Ministry (NCMM), one of the all-time favorites of all gospel music lovers in the country has officially launched their new album on Sunday night.

The choir which has its total membership superseding a hundred singers has over the years been a favorite to many gospel music lovers, especially with its blend of melody, harmony sung in Malaita’s Lau dialect.

Speaking at the launch, NCMM Leader, Helen Molea said that launching their album has indeed been one of the successful achievements of the ministry as it provides the avenue for them to witness to people unreached in far-away places.

She added that having gone through many struggles, trials, and hardships, the group continued to grow in number and counts it a major success to have launched their album more than a year after initiating the idea to form the group in Honiara.

“The launching tonight (Sunday night) is a milestone for the ministry-a major success, showing the dedication and commitment of each member and their families in ensuring that this ministry continues to bless not only the people of Malaita but everyone else around country,” Ms Molea said.

She added that the ministry is also seen as a home for lost souls who can come in and find refuge in Jesus.

“This ministry is not only about singing but rather a place whereby our backsliders can come and seek comfort, refuge in Jesus.

“Music plays the biggest role in sharing the love and message of Christ especially to our lost souls, through music they can then be comforted and find peace in their hearts.

“Our music is also the avenue whereby most of us who don’t often have the ability to preach in public, can come out and sing as part of our witnessing,” Ms Molea said.

One of the founding members and musical director, the current Solomon Ambassador to Cuba, His Excellency Simeon Bouro was also present at the launching.

Mr Bouro said that the ministry has been an inspiration to not only people from Niuleni and Funafou in the Lau Lagoons of Malaita, but also people from other provinces, some of whom are also members of the Choir.

Mr Bouro added that having initiated the idea to start the Choir, he believed that God has led the ministry which has been evident in its membership growth the past year.

“Whenever asked about the Choir, I often tell people that if God is the leading this ministry and is not just another singing group, then the choir will continue to grow and the ministry flourish throughout the past year after I had left for Cuba.

“That is exactly what is happening and I thank God that this launching is a clear evidence of such,” Mr Bouro said.

Meanwhile the CD can be purchased at ABC Bookshop at Kukum SDA Church.

By Jeremy Inifiri