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New voices set for Solo Icon opener

27 June 2013

IT’S on again. School children, youths and adults are singing their guts out to secure a place in this year’s Solo Icon competition.

People are flocking the star events conference room where auditioning is being held.

Every year, the competition seems to be stiffer with more enrolling and trying to use that platform to expose their hidden singing talents.

The first show will be held on June 23, 2013.

A good mix of different musical flavor, style, beat, and rhythm were present during the auditioning.

The parallel categories that runs simultaneously in the competition includes the Young Executive age 9 – 14 years old, Icon age 15-29 years old, and the Star Schools.

This year’s competition will only have five rounds of elimination with the climax of the grand final held early August.

Those who showed up for the audition expressed their appreciation that such program since its inception in 2006 had stood for the interest of children and youths.

“This is something that the Ministry of Women, Youth, and Family Affairs should invest and indulge in,” the youths said.

Parents who accompanied their children to the audition were appreciative that the program has evolved itself to be an annual consistent calendar activity that indeed gives their children a voice to utter and express themselves in the area they are good at.

Those who managed to book a place for the first round include: Prince Anthony, George Ausanau, Susan Doons, Simon Jars, Gina Leguvaka, Cathy Kealau, Mariam Sina, Melody Fefera, Wilson Miles, Jerald Waisi, Dick Eric, Charles Au, Mc Evan, Mrytle Maesulia, Dantracy Ivosi, Caroline Isa, MR Andy, Phyllis Fa’arodo, Sammy Iro, Derick Houkarawa, Marlon Sia, Cyndy [Koloale school] Gina Makini, Ali Oloka, Gino Oti, Roselyn Rose, Daniel Sarei, Phil Cartney and Chris Mana