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Meet the Kitchen Boys

25 March 2017

A five-boy band with a dream

A DREAM of a five-boy band started from scratch.

And they were able to make a break-through after they formed themselves a musical group and practically played live music apart from raising funds and enduring obstacles.

Band leader Francisco Kengava was happy to share the experiences of his boys about the hard work which got them up and running.

These boys started playing music in an outdoor leaf hut kitchen and were inspired by the venue they used as a practice studio and thought they deserved to call themselves ‘The Kitchen Boys’.

‘Kitchen boys’ is a rock band consisting of unemployed young fathers of Dunde in Munda, and they had been following rock music their life.

In May 2016, band leader Kengava looked for potential young men to form a group with two electric guitars and amp sets.

He was able to pick four interested young men who have the basic skills of playing guitars and singing.

They got organized and familiarized with themselves and shared little they knew.

They concentrated and worked mainly on the basics of guitar works.

The drums beat is strummed from a local coconut broom; there was no bass guitar and the vocalist was without a microphone.

They kept on and gave all they can.

It took them weeks on end, before they realized the potential and the chances of being together.

Their practice sessions brought encouraging outcomes.

 A simple money generating income activity was a first step they decided to do as a task since music sponsorship is not popular.

Band leader Francisco decided to collect contributions from his fellow members and started off a betel nut market stall and barbecue take-away sales.

They saved money and thought of what to put first in their shopping list.

They chose to have a drum set because beat is important.

It gives practice a better guideline and more priority.

Sharpening guitar works, keeping the beat constant and right within the length of a song and above all, being punctual with practice time.

Weeks and months through and fund raising continued,they were then able to buy a simple drum set.

Their will-power started to grow after that very first achievement.

It did put additional strength to their practice.

The struggles, and hard work had made them earned something.

“It was just the beginning and we wanted to do more,” Kengava said.

However, challenge is one major factor and as average class villagers, they fully understood the demanding element of finance.

They are also unaware of any possible outside assistance.

 “We just prefer to keep on sacrificing and believing in ourselves,” Kengava said.

Weaknesses are always the result of failure and for these boys they know well the outcome of it.

So instead,they rose against the first odd and overcame that first step.

“It was not easy as you have to give more commitments, but the light has given us a glimpse of what the picture was about,” Kengava continued.

There is also very little encouragement from fellow community members especially the elders.

It contributed partly to their challenges.

“People see us in a negative way. So the other side of the coin tells us to work harder.

“These challenges are stepping stones, music to the ears and weapons to overcome obstacles,” Kengava said.

Today, the Kitchen Boys have reached a point of hope.

They are working in a forward direction.

They have experienced a little taste of commitment, sacrifice, self-reliance and hard work.

All these had helped them build up the momentum they came about since they’ve started.

They are planning to explore more struggles for better achievements.

The dream is to become a professional rock band.

“We want to become a professional entertaining rock band,” Kengava explained.

These lads are proud to be part of a group, working towards a promising dream.

They are Francisco Kengava, band leader, lead guitar, and vocals; Kiko Leve,Rhythm lead vocals; David Vioro, Bass Vocals, Rutlan Zio, Drum Vocals; Joe Gyini,Singer Vocals.

Their practice sessions gave them the real taste of rock music as they try out tunes and guitar works of famous international rock stars like Scorpion, Twisted Sisters, April Wine, Boston Queen, Sygon Kick along with other popular songs.

Those songs are helpful for their guidelines, and lectures.

They have started with one of their own composed rock song which they titled ‘Devil’s Man’.

They have other composed songs to polish up and should be completed soon before moving to do live recording.

 They are continuing with their daily barbecue fund raising sales, betel nut sales and other side incomes for the sake of their passion.

These home-based boys have nothing to lose as they all have the capability to becoming potential rock entertainers.

A journey from a humble beginning and struggles of reality!

Kitchen Boys are reaching out for their dream….

in Munda