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‘Gospel music in own dialect wins back lost souls’

26 February 2013

GOSPEL music sung in our people’s own dialect is the most effective means of touching our Church members who have gone astray (backsliders), it is also the key to strengthening the bond that we all share as people of Niuleni and Funafou in the Lau lagoons of North Malaita.

These were the strong words of Niuleni community music ministry president, Helen Molea during the group’s official launching of its 2013 outreach program.

Niuleni is a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) dominated artificial island in the Lau Lagoons of Malaita province, with a majority of the people their based at Fishing village and Lau Valley respectively here in Honiara.

The formation of the group was an initiative by Niuleni community in Honiara with the focus to sing songs in their own dialect while reaching out to members of their community who have left Church.

Ms Molea when speaking of the group’s aims and goals said that this year they would like to target family members who are no longer in Church.

“Our aim now is to win back the souls of our family members-we are preaching and ministering to them through our own music,” she said.

Ms Molea added that many of the members of the Ministry are elderly people who have come through heartache in loosing loved ones and mostly, seeing their children taken away too much by the pleasures of the world that they no longer go to Church.

“Our own members feel that coming to practice every weekends and singing songs in our own dialect comforts them in every manner.

“We bless ourselves by involving in such ministry and at the same time bless others through the words of our songs.

“For our own people, we understand the messages of songs especially when sung in our own dialect,” Ms Molea said.

Supporting the group’s ministry, some of the leaders of the Solomon Islands SDA Mission have praised the initiative by the group and thanked them for their efforts in trying to win back family members to Christ.

Meanwhile, the group is also currently recording and putting together some of their songs which can be sent to members of their community living overseas or in other provinces.

By Jeremy Inifiri