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Icon blasts in high fashion

20 July 2017

THE second round of Solo was successful held last Sunday 16th July at the Art Gallery despite the unfavourable weather.

A statement from the organisers said despite the bad weather the program managed to pull through.

As has been the tradition, the second round kicked in with the introduction of both the star schools and the junior category.

This year the Solo Icon competition took to another level within the star school category compared to previous years.

The panel of judges had to eliminate a number of contestants within the Icon categories from thirty nine to only eighteen to enter the third round.

Kolale School, dressed in black with the captaincy of Mr Marlon Sia demonstrated a quality star performance, by showcasing a unique harmonious sound that amazed the panel of the judges and the crowd.

St Nicholas School was led by Chelsea Saliga and Derick Houkarawa. Undeniably, the duo did put a remarkable performance that made the school proud and on their feet in for support them, which saw them through to the next elimination round.

Mbua Valley School was represented by Graylyn Hou and Nester Alaheheni. Mbua Valley school was loved and admired for their interpretation of the story they sang.

Harvest Academy School was represented by the Vave sisters. Young as they were, compared to other schools they truly impressed their fans.

In the Junior category those who made it into the third round included: Junita Vave, Kareen Wairai, Latisha Vave, Kirsteen Hebala, Lisi Vave, Nester Alahikeni, Benadeth Garo and Cassandra Saliga.

 In the Star School category the schools that went through to the next round were: St Nicholas, USP Centre, Mbua Valley, St John, Marara, Koloale and Harvest Academy.

 In the Icon Category the following contestants made it into the next round: Zarina Luiramo, Isaac Tagini, Rose Ila, Graylyn Hou, Philis Faarodo, Simpy Macsasai, Chelsea Saliga, Braddley Knox, Junior Houkarawa, Danny Agei, Rosie Paia, Melita Salu, Kris Evan, Jahmela Renlyn, Simon Kosa, Daisy Kong, Elna Nuia and Loretta Ginn.

The 3rd round is set for Sunday 30th July 2017.