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Solo Jamz to promote local music talents

12 August 2017

WARRIOR records, Radical Events, and Creative media are collaborating in a bid to hype up Honiara’s music scene by hosting SOLO JAMZ underground 2017.

Warrior Records Liason officer and Creative media’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Duane Baiabe said the initiative aims to showcase talents and make their voices heard in the local music scene.

The event is scheduled for the 19th Saturday at the Red Mansion and will feature Lipi, Andrei and Jethro, with performances by Radikol, Kera, Bibao and DJ Tua.

“Solo Jamz is another event to salute and promote young talents in Honiara and around the Solomon’s to showcase and bring to the ears of our local people what the younger generation are creating, producing and putting out in terms of music genres to the public.

Baiabe said the initiative was created to invite artists who have the passion in music and have them exposed.

“We came up with the idea not because we want to compete in anyway or with anyone else, we came up with the idea of creating an event, inviting artists who have passion for music and give them the opportunity on stage to showcase their skills and talent.

With the support from friends and families, the event aims to expand the idea to a bigger platform internationally.

“The idea of expansion to a bigger platform also depends on big companies and organizations and whether they support it or not. We like to think that in order for these bigger sponsors to help out, we have to prove to them first that we can bring good results from our shows in terms of marketing and that entire corporate obligation.

“But we do this for the love and passion for music and how it positively brings together young and old.

The CEO also said that Solomon Islands have a rich talent of musicians and ambassadors throughout the region.

“Solomon Islands are a gold mine of great talents. We have so many musical ambassadors moving our music throughout the Pacific region and it’s for their hard work that we salute them by keeping the music fire burning.

He added that Music in the Solomon’s is a culture, a norm and a God given gift.

“You walk through the streets of the Solomon’s and music is everywhere, but finding the right medium to expose these talents to the wider audience has always been the Solomon challenge.

He stated that the music barrier has taken a new twist with the use of social media and personal studios, the organizers step in to boost local talents to the Pacific and wider world.

By Peter Zoleveke Jr