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Kera sets up recording studio for Gizo Artists

13 October 2017

AUSTRALIAN-BASED Solomon Islands Hip Hop artist, Kera, working in collaboration with local artist Radical T.K have established a music production studio-''warrior records'' at Gizo in the Western province.

Speaking to Paoa FM, Kera said the studio was implemented to help boost the local talented artists down in the western province, and other artist around the Country.

''Currently I'm based in Australia, but I've been travelling between Solomon Islands and Australia, and I have just opened up a music studio in Gizo with prominent local artist Radical T.K -which is called Warrior Records,'' he said.

Kera said that while spending time in Gizo, this year he has met and noticed many hidden potentials artist living down in Gizo.

'' When I toured Western Province in the beginning of the year I noticed many potential and talented artists in Gizo, and I thought of giving them a chance to provide them the access to do recordings,'' he added.

He said that while spending his short holiday in Gizo, he also managed to do a few projects or collaboration with a few artists and the popular group Dezine is one of them.

''I'm working on an E.P, which is going to be called 'Conflict', and it is a pure Hip-pop E.P where I am hoping to release sometime next year. I'm also working on an E.P with Radical T.K that is also coming up,'' he said.

Asked if he's going to feature any of the local artist, Kera said ''Yes that's the plan, and for that I have already talked with artist such as, Radical T.K, Dezine and B-bao and Phillip Palmer.”

Kera recently dropped his latest single on Paoa FM called "Home" featuring the local group Dezine.