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Funky & Rushee drop new single

13 October 2017

FUNKY and Rushee are hitting the airwaves again with their brand new single “Nice Bola Lo Kula”.

The new song featured other notable artists in PNG like Young Dee, Drex Blunteh and J Liko who is also part Solomon Islands.

 The brothers Funky & Rushee are currently based in Port Moresby and have been living in the city for almost 16 years and have been dropping tunes recorded in PNG throughout the year.

The recently released song from the Florida islands is the latest of the trending lyrical style released by artists in and around the country singing about ladies and promoting their roots, a style which began in PNG through Jaro (Meri Kalibobo & Half Malaita) and eventually influenced local songwriters to do likewise.

Funky is currently working on his new album, and local fans are expecting to hear more new tunes from the brothers collaborating with PNG's big names in the music industry.

 The song is recorded and produced in Papua New Guinea by the young PNG producer, Dr Whiz. Tune into Paoa FM to listen to 'Nice Bola Lo Kula'.