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Circle Crews West bound

20 May 2014

Circle Crews band will be leading a group of local bands namely Bi Bao, Deskem, Blanco, and Kamabea to tour the Western province.

This will take place at the end of June to raise funds towards the Honiara City Council ECE model Centre at the Honiara Library, and the Red Cross care Centre in Riffle Range, West Honiara.

This tour will coincide with the 36th Independence celebration in Gizo.

 The groups will be performing in the various places in Gizo, and Noro from 29th June to 14th July.

Speaking to Solomon Star Simon Chottu Director of Hailies entertainment studio who will be leading the band for the tour said, “Our tour is purposely to raise funds for these two schools that were affected by last month’s disaster.

“Our team will be touring the Western Solomons next month, mainly Gizo and Noro with live concerts.

“We cannot assist our kids directly with their learning facilities but how we can do so is to aid them with their learning facilities through our music concert tours.”

He said the team is working close with Red Cross to ensure that the tour takes place.

“We are liaising with the Solomon Islands Red Cross to ensure that we will be making a successful tour.”

He said that the tour was also an opportunity for the local artist/musicians to showcase and use their talents for a good cause.

“It’s about high time for our local talented artists/musicians to put out their talents and potential for a good cause.”

The tour is being sponsored by Hailies Entertainment and various business houses in Honiara.

And its the first of its kind for the Circle Crews to tour the province.



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