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Jaro, making it big

10 March 2018

Set to tour New Zealand next


SOLOMON Islands renowned hit making songster ‘Jaro Local’ is set to head to the New Zealand on a scheduled tour this month.

The man behind the famous ‘Half Malaita’ song will be performing for his NZ fans for the first time, at Club Royalz in Manukau, on March 22.

Jaro ‘Jeremy Saeni’, is the son of Pacific icon Sharzy, and has soared to new heights over the past few years with his island reggae style, blending Melanesian creoles and slangs.

Some of his hit singles that are taking the Pacific region by storm are ‘Dakini Tangarareh, ‘Ngoiza', and the latest ‘Leabana’.

A report reaching the Weekend Magazine stated that the recent Rugby League world cup was the event that Jaro's song 'DAKINI TANGARAREH' was hitting out almost on every street around Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand.

Tongans, Samoans and other Pacific islanders loved the song and it was evidential that the need for the songster to perform in New Zealand was going to happen.

Summary of this upcoming tour was rumoured to be an achievement for the singer, as well as for the Solomon Islands music industry.

Jaro Local has scooped three awards at the 13th Yumi FM PNG music awards in Port Moresby last year.

He was awarded South Pacific Group of the Year Award, - snatching it from his father Sharzy and cousin brother Sean Rii, who were also nominated for the category.

His second award is ‘Rookie of the Year/ Newest Group of the Year’ Award.

And the third award ‘Song of the Year’ Meri Kalibobo.

In recent years, the young singer was invited for gigs in nightclubs in countries like New Caledonia, Vanuatu and PNG.

Jeremy is working closely with DJ Ozlam and Chuki Juice whom are some of the best music producers whilst also doing collaboration and solo.

He is also one of the renowned DJ’s working for ZFM station in Honiara.

The artist name ‘Jaro Local’ is adopted during Jeremy’s childhood days at White River when friends used to called his name in short ‘Jaro’ and later he decided to spice it up with ‘Local’ to define his status as a local artist.

Jaro was also a member to the recognized boy-band DEZINE, where he and his fellow Saeni brothers Richard (Sean Rii) and Albert (Mi Santana) were the originators.