08 May 2018
Rosie Delmah

Solomon Islands very own young, aspiring and talented singer/song writer Rosie Delmah, has just released a new original single entitled ‘Mama I Love You’, last Friday.

Since women all over the world are celebrating Mother's Day, the issue of this melodious and heartfelt song was well timed.

With her first hit cover of Adele’s - Hello with Conkarah has over 40+BillionViews on YouTube, she has decided to venture into her own music.

Asked on how she happens to come up with the idea, she smiled and said that it was all a mother's due, and she has been thinking about doing it for quite some time now.

"All mothers out there deserve appreciation for all the hard work and dedication they put into parenting and this song is dedicated with love to those selfless souls out there.

Miss Delmah also emphasized that showing gratitude for our mothers is the right thing to do.

"Despite all the different situations that women of the world find themselves in, being a mother/parent is hard. All the struggles and sacrifices a woman has to put up with just so their child can be fed, groomed and even get educated deserves much applause and gratitude,” she said.

According to the Managing Director of Haillies Entertainment Mr Simon Chottu, It is a privilege to be working with Rosie Delmah again.

"Our management is very proud to be involved with the debut of such a beautiful, emotional song and we are looking forward in working closely with Miss Delmah in her current endeavour.

There are also others who have contributed their time and expertise, in making Miss Delmah’s current singles a hit.

DJ iKon from Nauru produces the beat, Nef and Chucki Juice helped with recording and analysing the vocals, while DJ Liams did the mastering of the song.

With the assistance received from these certain people, this mother's day special song is now released, which can be accessed through "cdbaby” - one of the most used music outlets on the web.

"Without the help and support I received, I don't think it would be possible to get the song done on time so I would like to offer much gratitude to all of you who has done so.”

Miss Rosie Delmah also would like to thank her fans for their patience and understanding.

She also confirmed that soon to follow is a video clip on the same song, which is currently being discussed.

By Alice Nantara
Haillies Entertainment Media