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Da’Ville featured in DMP’s new album

06 January 2020

Touring Jamaican Reggae superstar Da’Ville a.k.a Turii Maysun has been featured in Doorman’s Project (DMP) new album which is currently being recorded.

The album is produced by Hudson Matai a.k.a SON of the Shefram Studios in Honiara.

According to DMP Bradley Pitua, the album was on process when their promoter Victor Lopez introduced Da’Ville into the scene.

“The album is presently being recorded.

“When Da’Ville came to Honiara for the New Year’s Concert, Victor told us that it would be a good idea to have him featured in our album.

“So we recorded two songs with him together,” Pitua said.

When asked if Iyaz is going to be featured in any songs for the album, Pitua said it’s a definite yes.

“Iyaz will be featured in maybe one or two songs in the album.”

The international musical performer Iyaz with the real name, Keidran Jones will be touring Honiara for a single show at the Pacific Casino Hotel in Honiara on January 24th, 2020.

This new album will have about thirteen (13) songs, Pitua added.

He also assured DMP fans in the country, region and world that this album will be much more different from the first ones.

Da’Ville too was also super excited about the new collaboration.

“I had truly an amazing time collaborating with this amazing band DMP on 2 awesome tracks done and completed, right here in the Solomon Island.

“This is a perfect connection musically speaking indeed, so much more to come,” the Jamaican singer posted on his Facebook page.

In last week’s press conference before his NYE 2020 show, Da’Ville said he never heard about DMP until DJ Victor introduced them to him.

“When I check their skills and what was said to me and shown to me, they are huge,” the Jamaican sensation reggae artist said.

DMP’s promoter Victor also commented that watching Da’Ville collaborating with the band was truly amazing.

“On behalf of DMP and the boys it was a privilege and an honour to have worked alongside the legendary Da'Ville. 

“We cemented another historic moment for solo music and we are humbled and blessed that God made this happen for us!”

It was understood that so far the band has recorded three albums already, ‘Square One’, ‘Wine Up’, and ‘Projectile’.

This will be their fourth album since the formation of the band in 2006.

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