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DMP’s new album a surprise package: Promoter

07 January 2020
DMP band members pose for a photo with Da'Ville, SON (far-left) and Victor (Second right) after the completion of two recorded songs.

DMP’s band manager and promoter DJ Victor Lopez said the local boy band is currently working on an album and they have few surprise features installed for the upcoming 4th album.

DJ Lopez told the Solomon Star that the album has been in the making for two months now and they are still working on few more songs.

He said the band is hoping that the album will be completed by March this year, before they do more tours to Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific Island countries.

“The album has been in the making for a few months now.

“We have found a producer the guys enjoy working with and we have had local and international producers reaching out to be on the project.

“They are Hudson Matai and Deli Banger from Rock City, just to name a few.

“We have worked a few international collaborations this past year which will hopefully make the album cut. I can’t give away too much but this album will definitely take the group to another level,” the Australian-based promoter said.

He added that they are hoping to have the album complete by mid-February. 

“We have a few more songs to finalise and a few more surprise features installed for the Album.”

During Da’Ville’s short visit to the country for the New Year’s Eve show, the band did collaborate and recorded two songs with the Jamaican which will also be featured in the album.

 “My job simply was to get these respected international artists to listen to DMP’s music and really from there the rest is history and they ended up with collaboration. 

“DMP’s music speaks for itself! To be honest, it’s been a long time coming and DMP in my option are a world class act. I’m proud to be involved but mostly proud of my boys and the response they get alongside these artists,” said Lopez.

Mr Lopez told this paper that just in the studio session recently, Da’Ville was so impressed with the guys work that he wanted to work on a complete album with them.

“However due to timing it wasn’t possible,” he added.

But DJ Lopez said they are in talks with a US agent and once the album drops, DMP will be heading overseas to perform in those international markets.

“The boys are excited and humbled for the opportunity; many of these collaborations are made possible because the international artists have reached out to us. 

“We will be recording a song with IYAZ later this month which will also be featured on the album and a few other surprises installed for the fans,” said DJ Lopez.

IYAZ, a British Virgin Islander singer will begin his pacific tour this weekend and the Honiara show was schedule for Friday 24th January 2020 at the Pacific Casino Hotel.