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Tribute song for PNG’s Jenelyn released

03 July 2020
Tibon Oge.

TIBON Oge, a singer and songwriter is using his talent to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Oge with the support from another Solomon Islands renowned music artist, Paeva recently released a song called “Justice for Jenelyn” a tribute to the late 19-year-old Jenelyn Kennedy of Papua New Guinea (PNG) who lost her life from torture from her husband last week.

The song’s message shares the sorrow of a young woman who underwent one of the very brutal violence a woman has to go through and the call to have a fair trial against her perpetrator. 

Oge highlighted that the song targets the next generation to be aware of such violence against women.

 “The song is a tribute song to the late Jenelyn Kennedy of PNG who endured brutal gender violence until her death.

“The message in this song goes for the surviving victims, relatives, and also to the men.

“This is also a message to the next generation to learn from,” he said.

Oge urges all men to show respect towards women despite whatever situation.

“We, the men should show respect towards our women.

“When we see women, we think of our mothers, sisters, and relatives.

“It is true that at times we get disappointed over issues, but we must always take heed to control ourselves and follow the right approach to solve problems,” he added.

Oge said there are many survivors of domestic violence but tend to hide their abuse for years. 

He added that some never spoke a word of such violence to anyone, not their parents, friends, no one.

His hope is that other survivors and their relatives hear the song and realize there is hope for a better life after the trauma. 

Oge has received calls and emails from women victims of gender-based violence both from abroad and in-country thanking him for the song.

He also urged other musicians to help fight against violence against women and other issues affecting the country.

He stressed music is a powerful tool to spread important messages across the nation.

You can listen to the song here: