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Christian music band, Peace Divine Ministry gets support from MP

01 March 2021
MP Alfred Efona, (left) officially hands over two brand new sub-woofers, two front house sound monitors, a power amp amplifier and cables and drive rack, over to Peace Divine Band Manager, Timothy Houkarawa. [Photo supplied]

Peace Divine Ministry is a Christian Boy Band Ministry that began 14 years ago with a vision and focus to help young people. 

There are six boys in the band with a band manager, Timothy Houkarawa. 

On the 27th of February 2021, the band received two brand new sub-woofers, two front house sound monitors, a power amplifier, drive rack and cables from the Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Honiara Alfred Efona, a statement from Central Honiara Constituency Office said.

When asked about why the MP for Central Honiara Constituency chose to support the band, he said that he recognized the band for the inspiring peaceful songs that it has produced from the talent within the band and from the community activities the band have engaged in at helping young people throughout the last 5 years. 

Mr Efona, also mentioned that the support he gave is to acknowledge the important role that both, youths and music plays on spreading peaceful messages of peace and hope through the word of God. 

MP Efona, acknowledges that to be able to encourage youths in bands like Peace Divine Ministry, share their gifts with the world, is just as important as being a member of parliament. 

“As the Member of Parliament for Central Honiara, I won’t be able to positively influence others on their level through music and thus by helping them through this support, it will inspire other young men and women to follow God and become young leaders with Integrity who can then go on to become role models for other youths within their respective community and this is what I hope to achieve at the end. 

“I am inspired to support bands like Peace Divine Ministries solely because of what they produce and bring into the lives of young people, musically, especially through Godly values and introducing other young members of our society to Christ,” he said.

The MP continues by saying that; “ultimately in the end, as Christians and leaders in our own individual rights, we are talented in different areas of our lives and we should always be reminded of the fact, that what we have, in terms of our gifts and talents, is not for our own selfish ambitions, but to give God all the glory. 

“If this band can produce and share music of hope, peace and encouragement and touch the lives of young men and women, introducing them to Christ and giving them a sense of purpose and hope, then I will support such a band,” he said.

Without downplaying the many talents and gifts of other youths throughout Central Honiara Constituency, the MP also mentioned that to see young men live for Christ and use their talent and gifts for God and glorify God, is an encouraging sight indeed but he also recognized that it is also not, an easy path to follow. 

“It really challenges us to our core, especially in terms of our priorities, relationships and schedules and most importantly our values on things that are secular and things eternal.  

“I am humbled to be able to have this opportunity to support the Peace Divine Ministry boy band and I look forward to many more young talented bands as such, to champion the cause of spreading the word of God through messages of peace, hope and purpose,” he said.

The band’s manager Timothy Houkarawa, thanked the MP for his support and highlighted that this will be a huge encouragement for the boys indeed, especially in the song writing and live worship performances of the band. 

He also made mention of the fact that the support rendered by the MP, is truly history in the making. The band manager, claims that he never expected a Member of Parliament (MP) especially for a Constituency like Central Honiara, to hone in on things such as music and be able to recognize youths and their talents for making music that shares the gospel, especially when the music industry locally and globally, is more accustomed to themes and issues that are secular and more trendy with the popular culture in the Solomons.

Mr Houkarawa, also acknowledges that as a member of Central Honiara, this is truly a first of its kind for any Member of Parliament of Central Honiara to come out openly and support a local Christian gospel music band in this genre of music in particular. 

It is historical and it is also sentimental, he added. 

“Our Honorable MP is truly down to earth a person that can be accessible by the people and by supporting our band, he has shown that there is still light at the end of the tunnel. 

“From this support we are getting the message clearly from the current Honorable that indeed Change is coming to the people and it is now here. If he can do this in the limited time he has been given, think of what he can accomplish, if he had a full four year term to work with the people in the Central Honiara Constituency.” 

The Band Manager thanked the MP for his timely support and is looking forward to more youths coming to know Christ through the use of the musical equipment and from the engagements they will have with different communities throughout the country and in the music industry.