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Inner Circle rocks Honiara

24 June 2014

ON Sunday night, Jamaican reggae group Inner Circle put on an energetic performance leaving the crowd still yearning for more reggae beats.

The band brought their special style of pop-oriented Jamaican beats and energy filled the crowd with live energy that sets Heritage Park Hotel car park into a reggae dance floor.

The concert was organised by Heritage Park Hotel in partnership with major sponsors.

The show kicked off with performances from Jah boy, Da band and 56 Hop Rod which kept the crowd busy with their reggae dancing before the masters of entertainment entered the stage after 56 Hop Rod sang their last song.

Just after 8pm, Inner Circle band hit the stage to an arousing welcome from the crazy fans. It was a moment everyone had been waiting for since the news of their coming had been announced last month.

They started by performing some of their reggae jams and later climaxed with the 1970s hits that drove the crowd crazy.

A lead singer of the group Roger Lewis called on to the crowd to enjoy the night as he kept on singing along with the others.

From a distant, band members were seen plunging guitars to provide a perfect show for Honiara reggae fans.

Despite the rain drops, the band kept the crowd busy with their electric performances and called on fans to come closer to the stage which the crowd did not hesitate.

The dance party favourite Sweat (A La la la la long) was dedicated to the ladies on that night that set the crowd went wild for the Jamaican reggae superstars.

They sang songs   like ‘Bad Boys’, Rock with You, Stir It Up, Black Roses, Talk About, Groovin’ in Love, and Sweat (A La la la la long) among the others.

The night was filled with fun as the masters of entertainment didn’t disappoint the huge crowd until the show ends.

The event will be forever remembered in the history of many who attended the show on Sunday night.

According to the group, the name Inner Circle means family, and that’s what they are.

They’re all devoted to the band and each other, and that’s what makes them strong. They believe in the spiritual vibes of family and friends.

“Our success is nothing without warm, genuine people around to share it. Being successful is day to day just trying to be happy and keeping it real.”

The band left yesterday for Papua New Guinea (PNG) where a similar show was expected to be staged.