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Youth Market explodes with busting talents

21 August 2014

YOUTH Market’s dance and song competition has opened the doors for exploding talents from Young people in and around Honiara.

The three-day youth event was jam packed with fun and excitement.

The first day unfolded with the dance competition. The second day held a song competition ending with a live performance from young local Hip Hop sensation Jeeno.

The last day pulled an even bigger crowd, as the winners of both the dance and song competitions performed their winning items with a closing act from Jah Boy.

Besides that, the event helps boost the youths’ self-esteem.

“Youth Market builds our group’s confidence, not only in entertaining but also in engaging with personal conflicts in life,” Francis Bele of Cellblock said.

“It also encourages the younger generation to do well with their ability to be creative,” he added.

The stalls were filled with colourful creative products from jewellery to clothes, food and drinks and skilful services by the youths like tattooing, nail art, style haircuts and braiding.

“There are so many different attractive things on sale in this market and I love the competitions” said Steve Kovara, a customer at the Youth Market.

The winners of the traditional/ contemporary dance competition were Panatina Boys and runner-up’s Noi Mwatekwa.

For the modern category, Tia dropz came in first with the Out Cast Crew taking the second place.

For the song competition, reggae band 3 Pod grabbed the first prize for the band category while youngster; Lee Charlie won 1st prize for the tracks category.

The next Youth Market will be on the 18-20 September.

All the application forms to participate in the next Youth Market are now available at the Youth @ Work Office.

The Youth Market provides a venue for young entrepreneurs to sell their products and young artists to showcase their talent.

Youth @ Work is implemented by SPC with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labor and Immigration and the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace.

It is fully funded by the Australian Aid bilateral program.

- By Regina Lepping