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New gospel band launches 1st album

27 December 2014

A NEW and upcoming gospel band launched its first album in Malaita provincial capital on Friday.

Uttermost Worshippers had been recording this album since 2012.

The three-member band is made of three brothers living in Auki.

Band manager Collin Ramo said this first album comprised of 10 songs.

“We start recording at the end of 2012 and all the songs are our own compositions,” Mr Ramo said.

“The songs are written and translated in deep and original Kwara’ae language. There’s also a song composed for Malaita as a province,” he added.

“The music genre that we play is country-reggae music.”

Why a gospel album, Mr Ramo explained their intention is “we want to touch hearts”.

“We want to put the message of God across people’s lives through these songs.

“God placed these songs in our hearts. In return, we wanted to share them with others to bless their lives, not for our own glory but for the glory of God.

“We want to pass on the message of God through songs to encourage people change and live for God.

“We want to lift up the down hearted and touch them with the message of God,” Mr Ramo said.

He added only gospel songs can bring meaning to one’s life and heal the broken-hearted.

“And we must fulfil the purpose why God put us into this world and that is to glorify his name and also to make use of God’s given talents to glorify his name,” he said.

Mr Ramo said his boys were interested in gospel music because they want to preach the word of God through the songs, and also as young people who are brought up in a Christian family they want to reflect it out.

“It’s God we give back what He has given us to glorify his name and that is the talents that he gave us,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Ramo said their plan now is to turn this first album into a DVD video clip.

He said that one of their main challenges during the course of production is finance.

“Lack of financial support is our main setback, resulting in the late release of this album. But we thank God for his provisions and for making the album possible.”

He added the other two band members are high school students, which means they do their recording only when they return home for holidays.

Mr Ramo said engaging young people in music is one way to keep their away from venturing into anti-social behaviour.

“Through gospel music, we bring changes to people’s lives.

“Youths should not involve in activities that bring destruction to their lives.

“We should give back what God has given us back to Him and that is to make use of the God-given talents to praise his name.

“Also we should involve in activities that allow them to earn an income.

 “Involving in healthy activities bring healthy lifestyles.”

Mr Ramo said that his boys are happy and looking that after sleepless nights, they are now able to launch their first album.

The group recorded the album at Unique Tone Studio in Honiara.

Mr Ramo thanked the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs, Auki Motel Management, families and individuals who saw the importance of music and who supported them with finances.

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