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Kopere back with third video

07 January 2015

KOPERE band from Isabel Province is launching its third video album this month.

Band manager Augustine Mamamo said it is a must see because the band has included new members who collaborated finely with some old ones.

“The third video album comprises seven tracks mostly in Isabel dialects,” Mr Mamamo said.

He said Kopere has been around for sometimes and is committed to maintain its participation in the local Music industry in the Solomon Islands.

“We’ve made our mark in the music industry in the recent past and we are proud to continue to contribute to the music industry.”

He said because the band originates from Isabel, they embark mainly on Isabel songs and will continue to promote Isabel songs and the province’s symbolic style of music.

“Like sports, music engages young enthusiastic musicians and sometimes gives hope to young people who have nothing to do in the society.

 “When young people are engaged especially in giving out messages through songs, it was fulfilling for them.”

Kopere’s ‘Lisa Dila’ is one of the hits on the air waves in past years.

Since the formation of this band 10 years ago, they’ve released six albums and 2 video sets.