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Creating social change through short films

27 July 2015

INSPIRING and reflective short films on youth issues were screened on the 23rd July at the Commonwealth Youth Program Campus, Panatina, at 3pm.

It brought the [email protected], ‘Share and Inspire’ intensive program to a grand climax as the participants presented films with powerful social change messages that they are passionate about.
The films were scripted, acted and shot by the youth on themes that they had arrived at after discussing the same.  “We need to infuse this aspect of Social Change in all our communication messages,” said Mia Ramon, Director of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).
‘Create change through friendship’ highlighted the need for a friend as one goes through the struggles and trials of ones life.

The quest for a job was highlighted through punctuality and discipline in the two films entitled, ‘Yes Boss’ and ‘Discipline in Life’.

 The film ‘Responsibility changes a Life’ brought out how young lives can be changed when they are trusted and given responsibility.

All the films reflected the issues that the youth face.  They were scripted, acted and shot by the participants with guidance from animator Christina Peroili and facilitator Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb.
Invited specially for the presentation were persons connected in the training and mentoring of youth.  [email protected] Program Manager, Sandra Bartlett, Rector of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Fr. Dominic Kachira sdb and Director of Youth Development, Andre Tipoki.
[email protected] Program Manager, Sandra Bartlett expressed her delight to be present for the presentation of the final short films.  “You have the potential and the resources to make things happen”, she said.

 “You have put in a lot of effort to come for this program.  You have paid your own bus fare, your own food and spent the full day at the Commonwealth Pacific Venue, Panatina, during the past few days, all because you are interested to learn something.  You are taking the necessary steps and you will will get somewhere because you are making great sacrifices to be part of the program”, said Sandra Bartlett.

“I am so impressed with your productions and the presentation.  The words you have said about [email protected] have motivated me to help more young people like yourself, to get where you want to go.  Thank you for sharing your films with me.  I am honoured and blessed,” said Ms Bartlett.
“I believe that the messages you have portrayed so beautifully in the films have sunk into your hearts and as you have reflected on them.  I am sure it will change your lives.  I wish you all success”, said Fr. Dominic Kachira sdb, Rector of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, Solomon Islands as he congratulated them for their films.
“Don’t become bystanders”, said Andre Tipoki, Director of Youth Development as he addressed the youth.   He continued, “I have noticed a change in you over the past few days as you went about your program at CYP.  I am impressed by your skill in putting across social messages through images.  This is most needed in our country.  You have grabbed the opportunity and have done an excellent job.  Congratulations!”
The Communication Team of [email protected] plans to upload the films on to Youtube and on the [email protected] Facebook page to share what they have learnt and enable others be inspired by them.
Earlier the participants were instructed on the essential element of participation and communication between the receiver and the sender as both are from different work views.

Secondly, the relevance of stakeholders – primary, secondary and the intermediary stakeholders were highlighted giving the participants an opportunity to question as to why the intended primary stakeholders, the target groups are seldom part of the planning, implementing and evaluation process.  Thirdly, the different communication functions were highlighted.  “While ‘telling’ is necessary and important, the aspect of  ‘listening and sharing’ is essential to ensure social change”, stressed Fr. Ambrose Pereira said.


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