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Youth market opens today

19 August 2015

YOUTHS of Honiara will once again be engaging themselves as the August youth market is set to start today at the National Art Gallery grounds.

The theme for this youth market is, ‘Inspire, Motivate and Participate’.

Speaking to this paper yesterday, a youth market officer said that the highlights for this event will be singing and dance competition with some more new competitions being organized.

“As usual, the main highlights of the event will be the dance and song competitions.

“One of the main competitions for this youth event will be the Acapella competition.

“The registration for all competitions has attracted quite a large number of competitors and we believe the competitions will be a bit tougher,” he said.

He added that some special features for the event includes a gaming zone, stalls, traditional and modern dance performances, and live entertainments.

 “There will be food, art craft, t-shirts and other fun products on sale, face painting and live entertainment from young talented singers and dancers.

Today’s main highlight will feature – Traditional dance competition, 20 August – Song competition and Friday 21 August – Modern Dance competition.

This Meanwhile, this month’s event will be exceptional because the International Youth Day 2015 will also be celebrated as the market will continue starting today and ends this Friday.

 month’s event will be exceptional because the International Youth Day 2015.



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