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Dezine, Onetox fans furious over FB post

15 April 2014

FANS of popular music boy bands Dezine and Onetox are furious with a recently created page on social media network Facebook which targeted insults directly at the two groups.

The page which was believed to have been created over the weekend by an unknown anti-Dezine and Onetox person was aimed at receiving any or all abusive and insulting responds toward the two groups.

According to many Solomon Islands music fans both in the country and overseas, the administrator was a native of Papua New Guinea, as most of his posts were in PNG pidgin.

However that could not yet be established or confirmed as his identity has not yet been revealed.

Furious fans who demanded that the page be deleted were locked in abusive correspondence and posts with the administrator and a few others who liked the page.

“This is the work of some narrow minded people who have nothing else to do but keep their faces locked on Facebook.

“These kind of people do not have any clue of what music is and what music means to both fans of Dezine and Onetox both in the Solomon Islands, PNG and elsewhere on the globe,” one of the fans posted.

Another said that these just show how famous both bands are to music loves throughout the Pacific.

However the hot issue and topic which was highlighted was the comparison between Solomon Islands and PNG music.

“This is just work done by some jealous PNG artist who try to be as famous as Dezine and Onetox but could not be,” he said.

Musicians in both countries however did very little to contribute to the ongoing roar on Facebook.

With others opting and calling on fans to stop pinpointing each other’s countries and stop assuming that it is the work of musicians.

“As musicians we all try to work together and try to develop our styles.

“The best way we can achieve that is to collaborate with each other.

“Many Solomon Islands musicians have collaborated well with PNG artists and the same goes for PNG with Solomon Islands artists.

“Thus such is a waste of time trying to pinpoint which country’s music is the best as we all have our own different styles,” Dezine lead vocalist Richie Saeni (Seanrii) told this paper.

Saeni’s remarks were also supported by various other musicians in the Solomon Islands, PNG and other Pacific Island nations.

Meanwhile fans and both groups have called on responsible authorities manning Facebook to delete such a group and block the person responsible for posting such.

Solomon Star also understands that artists from PNG are also trying to find out whoever posted and created the page.



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