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‘Hold on to your tickets’

11 April 2014

THOSE who have already bought a ticket for J Boog concert are advised to hold to it untill the next update.

J Boog one-night concert in Honiara was cancelled last Sunday due to the flooding and bad weather experienced in the country last Thursday forcing the cancellation of all international flights in and out of the country.

Organisers have postponed the show that was scheduled to happen on April 6.

Heritage Park Hotel has advised those who have bought a ticket for the J Boog concert to hold the ticket till the update.

The hotel is trying their best to set a date but that would be set in 2-3 weeks time.

J Boog real name Jarell Damonte Houston is an American R&B singer, rapper and actor.

His stage name came from his grandmother calling him Boogie because of his love of dancing and the J is simply the initial of his first name.

He was born in Long Beach and raised in Compton, California.

A man of many influences who was raised up in a rough street of Compton, the strong sense of tradition and culture that J Boog absorbed from his family was instrumental in his path to stay off the streets and begin a successful music career.

The reggae star's music career became serious in 2005, when a couple of brothers from his neighbourhood brought him to one of J's favourite artists, George "Fiji" Veikoso".

The two began working together immediately and J ended up moving to Hawaii in 2006 to continue developing his craft.  

He released his first album ‘Hear Me Roar’ in 2007.

J Boog is currently on his coolest zone tour across America, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.



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