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Torn Parachute takes local music videos to the world

21 March 2014

A BRISBANE based video production company; Torn Parachute is taking Solomon Islands music to greater heights, producing music videos for some of the country’s top local artists-taking their music globally.

Speaking to this paper in an interview on Thursday, producer and director Karl Bouro said that Solomon Islands is a country that flourishes with a host of very talented musicians and to compliment such talents, these musicians also need to have music videos that are top quality.

“It is the best way of marketing our artists not only around the Pacific, but most of all around the entire globe, as we have so many talented artists that can help us achieve that,” Mr Bouro who is of Malaita and Papua New Guinea parentage said.

Fresh from shooting music videos for internationally renowned artists such as Jamaican reggae sensation; Conkarah, PNG’s Jagarizza and Twin Tribe, Torn Parachute landed back on our shoes shooting music videos for various Solomon artists the past three weeks.

Some of the local artists to have been produced by Torn Parachute include; 56 Hop Rod, Jah Boy, Dezine and Carloddine.

“I believe that our musicians here in the Solomon Islands have the potential to become huge stars in their various genres of music internationally if they are marketed properly.

“Therefore I strongly believe that Solomon Islands music can go a long way internationally with the right marketing channels and tools to carry it forward,” Karl Bouro said.

Mr Bouro and his brother Andrew meanwhile are also helping out his village men and women of Niuleni Community Music Ministry (NCMM) of North Malaita produce their first gospel DVD.

Despite their tight schedules, the brothers said they were indeed happy to come back to the country and help produce the DVD for their people.

“We have shot the entire DVD already and also in between shot other music videos of our other local artists here.

“It is good to come back home and give something back to our community. We are indeed glad to help produce the DVD,” the brothers said.