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Veikoso and Spawn Breezie rock Honiara

19 March 2014

The two visiting renowned musical artists, George Fiji Veikoso and SpawnBreezie made an outstanding performance on Saturday night at the Cowboys Grill Bar.

The duo played in front of a packed house where everyone enjoyed every single minute of the event which started around 7:30pm.

The event had local independent artists performed and showcased their talent before the Veikoso and Spawnbreezie heated the place with their music.

Some of those who attended were lucky enough to take photo shots with the two artists and their band members.

The invitation of renown musical artists is seen by many as a good way of promoting music in the Solomon Islands and at the same time the chance to witness live some of the very well known artists many Solomon Islanders love their music.

The visit is so far the third biggest musical show to be held this year preceded by Julian Marley and Shaggy shows.