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All set for Veikoso

15 March 2014

SO far things are going according to schedule for Fiji Veikoso and Spawnbreezies big show Friday and Saturday afternoon.

According to Crown Sound Entertainment, though tickets to the club show are limited, they are currently still available, however the public needs to be informed that ticket sales will stop at midday tomorrow.

“Therefore, to avoid disappointment at missing out on such a dynamic show, they must get their tickets as soon as they can,” a spokesman said.

“Because both shows are indoors, there is not expected to be a huge security risk though the normal club security will be beefed up for both nights to ensure that those attending the shows are assured of their safety and that of the visiting artists.”

“Parking is adequate and we have assurance from RSIP that the police force will be alert for any disturbances or unruly behaviour as well as a police presence inside and outside the club. Corporate tables are still being secured.

“It is also important to realise that a percentage of the profit of this event will go towards San Isdro in Brother George’s efforts to recover from the brutal attack that he faced last month.

“As he and others have tirelessly worked to improve the living standard of our handicapped, and then after so many years here in the Solomons to suddenly suffer such brutality at our hands, we see it only fit that we should also give back to those who’ve left their homes and come here to the Solomon islands, spend so many years here helping those that many of us do not or cannot help; first and foremost because of their love for God and also because of their love for our people.

“Fiji and Spawnbreezies agent tells us that the group is very excited to come here and are ready to perform for the Solomon Islands. Fiji said to love the Solomon Islands and is especially excited to be coming here.”

Doors at the corporate dinner open at 5pm Friday for those who have purchased corporate tables and at 4pm Saturday for those who have bought tickets for the club show.

The duo arrive Friday afternoon.