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Tanasali marks church day

04 May 2016

Tanasali community on West Guadalcanal over the weekend marked an important day of the Catholic Church calendar.

The St Joseph of Workers day marking coincides together with the successful achievement of children who were able to receive sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion for the first time.

Parish Priest, Fr John Galvin marked the day with celebration of prayer service at the community.

Five children were admitted to the church the sprinkling of water in baptism with ten others receiving Holy Communion, all for their first time.

Fr Galvin thanked communities and families for accepting their children to receiving sacraments of the church.

He said the importance you parents shown in accepting your children to receiving this sacrament is very important.

“This is a significant achievement for the family and the children especially as they journey their Christian life’s journey,” he said.

Fr Galvin expressed the importance of properly nurturing the children especially in upbringing them through their respective culture and religious norms.

A reception was later held after the important prayer service. More than 300 people attended the celebration to mark this special event.