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AOG superintendent visits South Korea

25 May 2016

SOLOMON Islands Christians need to strengthen their prayer lives and make strong commitment to God every day.

Assemblies of God (AOG) Solomon Islands superintendent, Reverend John Subu highlighted this after he returned from Asia Pacific AOG Fellowship in Seoul, Korea from May 10-11 2016.

He was joined by other superintendents from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan and New Zealand.

Rev Subu said he found out during the trip that Koreans have committed their lives to prayer.

He said the Yoido Full Gospel church which hosted the conference accommodated 830,000 under one roof.

Apart from the fellowship, they visited the Osanri Choi Jashi Memorial Fasting Prayer Mountain that divided the North and South Korea.

“In the memorial, there are four prayer service held in a day.

“People just come in to prayer and go home,” he said.

Rev Subu believes the prayer lives of the Koreans help maintain peace between the North and South Koreans.

Furthermore, Rev Subu said during the conference, they discussed church missions and sending missionaries to each country in the Asia Pacific.

“I made a request for the involvement of a Asia church in the Solomon Islands because they are alot of Asians running business in the country.

“The head of church in Church has indicated interest to set up a church in Honiara to cater for the Chinese,” he added.

Rev Subu said it’s a worthwhile trip because he has learnt something from it.

“This is the first time for a AOG superintendent in Solomon Islands to attend such conference.

“I was fortunate to get sponsorship from Dr Young Hoon Lee to attend the conference after my appeal to Ministry of Home Affairs for assistance was rejected,” he said.