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Visale parish prepares for silver jubilee

25 May 2016

THE Visale Catholic mother church will be celebrating its 50th silver Jubilee next month.

According to Solomon Star northwest Guadalcanal stringer John Toki, the programme will start on June 3rd and finishes 5th.

“Preparation for the programme is underway and hopefully things will get ready in the next few days before the event takes place,” Mr Toki said.

Chairman of the organising committee Raymond Kapini said that the programme this year will be more interesting and enjoyable for everyone who will be attending it.

“Currently we are working hard to make sure that this programme runs smoothly during the three days event,” Mr Kapini added.

Toki said that overseas guests will also attend the event.

More than 13 local churches within Visale parish plus churches in the Russell islands will participate in the programme, he added.

Guest from the national government, provincial government and churches will attend the programme.

“It is a day that visale is looking forward,” Toki said.

He said that everybody will be celebrating the 50th silver Jubilee of the Visale church building.

The building was built in 1965.