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Be Happy Ministry to prioritize hospital

23 June 2016

FOUNDER of the Be Happy Ministry in Honiara says he will prioritize preaching the word of God at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) than any others places in the city.

Speaking to Solomon Star early this week, Mambo Fangaria said there is a great need to preach to sick than any other people.

“From now and onwards, I will be focusing at the hospital every lunch hour,” Mr Fangaria said.

“It is now in my time table that every lunch hour, I will be there to preach the word of God to the sick and anyone who need it there,” he added.

Mr Fangaria said the ministry is also looking at ways to assist the needy ones in Honiara especially the Hospital as the main focus.

He said that he will be assisting people with whatever means he had in hand but first and for most if the word of God for the sick.

He added that he is always looking forward for working together will nurses and doctors at the Hospital to preach the good news to the sick.

He appeals to the doctors and nurses that best medicine on earth is the healing hand of God to touch the sick.

Mr Fangaria said even though his plan is to prioritize the hospital every lunch hour but he will continue his preaching at the corners of the town too.

Yesterday morning he was preaching at the Kukum hotbread kitchen bus stop.