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Young Korean missionaries visit Rove Inmates

05 July 2016

Last week an outreach team consisting of young people from Brisbane’s Full Gospel Missions lead by Rev. Joseph Hong arrived in Honiara on the 28th of July 2016 for a week-long visit.

The visit occurred at a time the country prepares to go into a special moment of Healing and Reconciliation amongst ex-combatant of the most recent ethnic unrest.

However their visit was not confined to Honiara alone, as being so passionate about the work of the Lord, they travelled straight to Auki in Malaita Province, a day after their arrival.

While in Auki they visited Auki Correctional Centre and have had a very good time fellowshipping, encouraging one another and sharing the good news about the love of God with the prisoners there.

These Australians originally from South Korea were so excited having visited the prisoners and the people in the nearby communities around the provincial capital Auki.

They have arrived back on Saturday 2nd of July and have visited Rove Central Correctional Centre on Monday  4th of July 2016.

The visit was purposely to share with the prisoners at Rove, the good news about the Kingdom of God and His love for mankind, through the preaching of the Word of God; listening to the Messages in the Songs that were being presented; learning from the Drummers they put on and most importantly spending time in prayer and in seeking God.

The visiting friends were so amazed at the large number of prisoners who have attended during the fellowship program at the prison chapel on Monday, compared to the turnout they use to see in the previous years.

However it was explained to them that this was simply an idea initiated among other available approaches, to show CSSI’s seriousness in the rehabilitation of offenders, who are serving custodial sentences within its area of influence.

The inmates were so excited having such spiritual encounter with God through these visiting young men and women and are looking forward for more visits of such nature in the future.

The visitors later presented free bibles to the prisoners, and the prison Chaplain thank them for the fine gifts and also thank them for the visitation.

Superintendent Robert Tome, the acting Commandant of Rove Central Correctional Centre (RCCC) officially welcomed the visiting team into the Correctional Centre, on behalf of the office of the Commissioner and the RCCC management.  

The Brisbane based Missionaries have visited the Solomon Islands especially CSSI for the last nineteen years and have always enjoyed their short stay in the happy isles.

They leave for Australia on the 5th of July 2016 and they are looking forward to making another trip here next year 2017.