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Youths told to further on their studies

18 July 2016

Young Youth of Isunavutu (Fox Bay) Community in Guadalcanal over the weekend told to extend their study even though they left high school for some years or not qualified for the next step in their education.

The call made by Sr. Sesilia Sala over the weekend during her visit to informed young people of the Community the information about Don Bosco and the Salesian institution.

Sr.Sala made the call after she noticed some primary and secondary school dropout stay hopeless and jobless at home with their parents. 

“Your primary and secondary levels are not the final destinations of your education. “There are lots of schools you can find and apply to further your education even though you left school for a long time.”

“There are many schools that need young people who are not qualified or further in their education builded around Solomon Islands that can equipped young people with different knowledge and skills and can provide job opportunity and even helped young people to do their study in other countries,” she said

She added Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello development centre are the two recently builded institutions and we encouraged and welcome young people to apply if interested. The Mary Mazzarello development centre offering life skills studies for ladies while Don Bosco institution provides technical training for both young males and females of Solomon Islands citizens.