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Church celebrates its arrival here

18 July 2016

SOUTH Sea Evangelical Mission (SSEM) which was renamed South Sea Evangelical Churches (SSEC) in the country celebrated its birthday over the weekend.

The celebration was held mainly to look at the birth of the church and how it reached our shores 122 years ago.

Honiara central Church has successfully hosted the three days event.

A statement yesterday said that everyone enjoyed the celebration.

Rev. Eric Maefonea shared God’s word during the celebration.

The statement added that the keynote address came from Bishop Rev. Mathias Lima.

 It said that the main highlight of the night was the re-enactment of the arrival of the gospel to our shores by the youths.

SSEC satellite churches also shared their mission reports and songs during the celebration.

It added that on Saturday, there were also fun games in day time, followed by the jubilee dinner which took place in the evening.

During that evening Rev. Andrew Fanasia shared God’s word and then the Loina Women’s singing band concluded the night with songs that brings excitement for everyone.

Rev. Andrew Fanasia again shared God’s word on Sunday which saw people responded to the conviction of God’s word powerfully.

During the evening senior pastor Clyde Soai shared God’s word and then three marching bands concluded the night; the Central Church Men’s Band, TNT singing band from Renbell and Philadelphia church from Kwaio Valley, East Honiara.

The statement said that this year’s jubilee’s celebration was very successful.

“The challenge for the church today is the passion and the unreserved service rendered by our forefathers who were not well educated, yet against all the difficulties and persecutions they laid their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 “As we reminiscence the past we can see that it was His-tory; God’s story in the lives of ordinary Solomon Islanders who yielded to Him completely.”

The Theme for the celebration is; “Celebrating God’s grace and faithfulness.”

During the celebration, everyone were briefed on the history of the SSEM and how it landed on our shores 122 years ago.

The statement highlighted that amongst other locals who returned home with the gospel from the sugarcane fields of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia; is Peter Ambuofa on July 14, 1894.

However, It was Florence young who took the initiative to begin a Sunday school class for the sugarcane plantation workers in Queensland which resulted in the conversion of Peter Ambuofa and other fellow countrymen.

But the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) became and independent body (church) from South Seas Evangelical Mission (SSEM) in March 8, 1964.

So July 14 and March 8 are two important dates in the South Seas Evangelical Church calendar in Solomon Islands.